2010-10-03 iPad Safari Fail

Here’s something else that really aggravates me when it comes to the iPad. I love to surf the web with it. In fact, I used the iPhone a lot to read blog updates via Google Reader. I loved doing this sitting in the sun on the balcony, lying on my bed before falling asleep, sitting in the bus commuting. I love reading blogs and wikis on the iPhone. On the tiny iPhone screen! I decided that I loved it so much, in fact, that I’d buy myself an iPad to do it. And I loved it, too! I just enjoyed a long summer break and rarely powered up the laptop. The iPad was always there. Always on. I didn’t read many books. I just devoured blogs, websites, wikis.

And here’s the rub: I like to comment on blogs and wikis. In fact I bought two keyboards for the iPad because each has a different set of drawbacks. One thing I was unable to work around, however, is this: When you start writing a blog comment or editing a wiki page, you inevitably get into a situation where you need to look something up online. You need to open another browser window, find a link, copy a text passage, verify a fact. And when you return to your blog comment or wiki page, Safari will sometimes reload the page, loosing what you wrote.

It just happened again, causing me to write this rant.

This is incredibly annoying. I hate it. I HATE it! tentacle evil danger


Comments on 2010-10-03 iPad Safari Fail

You just need to buy another ipad ;)

RadomirDopieralski 2010-10-04 14:19 UTC

Haha! I’m sure this is something that needs to be added to the operating system by Apple. And since it’s all about the walled garden, here, I cannot add it myself.

AlexSchroeder 2010-10-04 16:52 UTC

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