2012-10-21 Streaming from a Mac to the Xbox 360

One word: Vuze can do it! It’s not what Vuze’s main purpose is, but it works. 👌


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2007-10-12 Usability Loosers

I decided to renew my Xbox Live account. My credit card had expired. Pick the gamer card, account management, membership, payment options… And I ended in a sort of loop: I could redeem codes which I did not have, add a card (which I tried to do but at the very end the system refused it because “it already existed”) and look at my existing credit card. Only after having wasted enough time did I realize that on the screen where it shows you the card you can pick payment options if you want to edit the card, and that’s on the blue button. Everything else is on the green (select) or red button (back).

  1. Don’t just discard the new card even if it uses the same number as the existing one. Just use the information to update the existing info.
  2. Updating the expiry date of a credit card is hopefully going to be a common procedure. Make it more obvious.
  3. Don’t switch UI style in the middle of an operation: Don’t use a menu at first where the user has to use up, down, and select, and then switch to a menu where the user has to hit the appropriate button. Stick to the menu.


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