2015-04-12 Hayfever Season

Spring is here. The temperature has reached 20°C last week and I had an occasional sneeze. Today though, my nose started running. Bah! I usually suffer twice, once in April and once in August.

I’m guessing that means I’m allergic to Birch pollen?

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2012-03-31 Spring

Spring has come. Temperatures reaching 20C, the sun is shining, bumblebee queens are out searching for a new nest and hayfever has been rearing its ugly nose.


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2011-05-05 Erste Ferienwoche

Die erste Ferienwoche ist hinter mir! Ich hatte schon ganz vergessen, wie schön das Ferienleben ist.

Ich habe eine Stelle mit 60% Jahrespensum. Während den Projekten bin ich allerdings zu 80% im Büro – Montags habe ich frei. Somit habe ich (theoretisch) für jede Woche einen freien Tag, den ich rumschieben kann. Das Jahr hat 52 Wochen, sechs davon habe ich Ferien, bleiben 46 Wochen, also auch 46 angespart Tage. Nun wähle ich die Sommermonate und fülle dort die Wochen à vier Arbeitstagen mit den angesparten Tagen: 46 geteilt durch 4 sind zusätzliche 11½ Wochen frei – total 17½ Wochen pro Jahr beziehungsweise ungefähr vier Monate Sommferien.

Vielleicht sollte ich das nochmal in Ruhe durchrechnen. ;)


  1. Ich habe das Gesuchsformular beantragt, mit dem ich die erleichterte Einbürgerung beantragen werde. Zwei Wochen nach meiner Geburt in Reykjavík bin ich zum ersten Mal in die Schweiz eingereist. Nach über 38 Jahren ist vielleicht doch der Zeitpunkt gekommen… :)
  2. Nach den ersten paar Tagen ist der Heuschnupfen dieses Jahr sehr milde gewesen. Ich habe sicher weniger als zehn Tabletten mit Antihistaminen genommen.
  3. Ich habe wegen morgentlichen Kreuzschmerzen und regelmässigen Zehenschmerzen beim Laufen mit einer Physiotherapie angefangen, nachdem man auf dem Röntgenbild erste Anzeichen einer Arthrose hat sehen können. Der Körper fängt an abzugeben. Schade eigentlich, ich habe immer noch das Gefühl, das ganze Leben noch vor mir zu haben!
  4. Heute habe ich unserem Lehrer gesagt, dass ich versuchen werde, die 1. Dan Aikido Prüfung Ende Juni zu machen. Eigentlich hasse ich diese Prüfungen, aber wenn ich meine Zehen so anschaue, weiss ich ja gar nicht, wie lange ich Aikido noch betreiben kann.
  5. Ich habe in einer Woche schon zwei Tirolercake Exemplare gebacken und als “Ferienkuchen” an die Rollenspielrunden verteilt. Sehr lecker.


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2011-04-04 Summer is back — and hay fever

Woke up the second night in a row. Spring is here. The grasses and the trees are in bloom and my eyes, too. I spent two hours awake tonight.


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2010-04-08 Spring

Bumblebee Nest Spring is here. I was lucky. Weeks passed after the last hayfever attack. Today a bit of that came back. Luckily it seems to disappear when I’m busy at work or when I’m loosing myself in Aikido training.

The bumblebee queens are out and looking for a nest. I’m still hoping they’ll finally nest in my awesome bumblebee home on the balcony. Patience! Or bumblebee-napping.

I’m really looking forward to my summer break. Should I play more, orspend more time hiking on the Alps? There are at least two weekly organized boardgame nights in Zürich. And I’m still dreaming of a weekly B/X D&D or Labyrinth Lord night. It seems that all my campaigns are now biweekly or monthly events.

Looking at MyCampaigns, what would I trade in for something else? Hmmm…

I think Traveller is not quite working out. Recently one of my players started running sessions and that improved things a lot. Perhaps it was some sort of GM burnout I hadn’t noticed? Perhaps I need to sit down and digest all the advice floating around on the web and write a GM guide for myself. To help me focus.

I’m also not too happy with A Song of Ice and Fire. We’ve only played three times, so I’m willing to give it more time. When I ran one of the sessions I basically split the party to the max since since all characters are so diverse. There is no D&D like party and that also requires me to rethink my adventure design.

And finally the Legends of Middle Earth game is ok because I like the new, light rules better than Rolemaster. But now I feel we’re too safe. I like danger and excitement. Perhaps the rules don’t afford that kind of play. Or I need to rethink how danger and excitement are generated at the table.

More rethinking!! Perhaps these games aren’t less good than the others. Maybe I’m just a bloody conservative player.



Comments on 2010-04-08 Spring

Hiking in the Alps! I was making a list of the top 10 hikes I want to do before I leave, and it is going to be tough to fit all of them in. Plus the list is already at 11, and growing.

When does your summer break start?

– Adrian 2010-04-09 08:14 UTC

It starts June 1. :)

AlexSchroeder 2010-04-09 09:11 UTC

I think we’ll try hiking from Thun to Spiez along the lake, looking at some old ruins – Thun and/or Spiez on the way there, Wimmis on the way back. We’ll see.

AlexSchroeder 2010-04-10 00:04 UTC

Hi Alex, I’m new to Switzerland (from Vancouver, Canada), and I stumbled upon your blog through the OD&D blogosphere (check me out: I’m up in Basel, but would be interested in some hikes and/or bike trips… just not sure where to go.

Alternatively, you could make a weekly trip to Basel to join my new OD&D campaign! Open invitation!

Tim 2010-04-20 11:15 UTC

Heh, Switzerland is very nice for hiking. If you need a long-term goal, how about a traversal of the Alps on foot? → AlpenPassRoute.

AlexSchroeder 2010-04-20 15:19 UTC

Nice… that looks like my kind of trek.

I just say your MyCampaigns page… busy busy. Perhaps I’ll have to drop by Zurich one Monday night for the one-off session.

Tim 2010-04-21 05:14 UTC

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2010-03-20 Heuschnupfen fängt wieder an

Gestern ein paar mal an den trockenen Augen gerieben, heute morgen sechs mal niessen, und jetzt ein ständiger Tropfen in der Nase… Das kommt mir irgendwie bekannt vor!

Scheisse, letztes Jahr war es sogar noch eine Woche vorher: 2009-03-19 Hayfever, Again.

Das geht jetzt wohl weiter so bis im Mai. Verdammt. 2009-05-03 Hayfever Hiatus.


Comments on 2010-03-20 Heuschnupfen fängt wieder an

Jo, das hab ich gestern auch zu spüren bekommen …

Harald Wagener 2010-03-20 11:00 UTC

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2009-08-10 Back Online

We’re back from Mythodea! Other people have taken many pictures at the LARP, and we took some of our own. And with that, I’m happy to report that my hayfever is gone again. Northern Germany in early August was full of tears. :'(


Comments on 2009-08-10 Back Online

Welcome back :D

greywulf 2009-08-10 11:36 UTC

Hah, my “Gaming” RPG category in my blog aggregator is still showing 193 unread posts. Life is great! :)

AlexSchroeder 2009-08-10 16:20 UTC

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2009-07-28 Second Hayfever

This is the second day of waking up in the early morning hours with a running nose and overflowing eyes. A second hayfever season begins. And I thought, like in so many other years, that I had been spared a second dose.


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2009-05-03 Hayfever Hiatus

The trees have not been trying to fuck me through the nose in recent days. I’ve been spared any significant pollen allergies for at least a week. Good days!


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2009-04-24 Note To Self

Next year, I really want to be far away in spring. If it’s not the hayfever clogging my brains it’s some sort of asthmatic coughing that annoys me to no end. Strange how allergies only bother me during my waking hours. At night, I just wake up two or three times to blow my nose. (“Thar he blows!” Kaboom!)

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