2013-05-07 iPhone Sync and Not Enough Disk Space

Once again, I’m syncing my wife’s iPhone 4S using iTunes and half way through the process it claims that it can’t do it because the computer is out of disk space. With more than 9 GB on the main hard disk and much more on the external hard disk (and a link from ~/Library/Application Support/MobilySync to the external hard disk), this is simply impossible. Strangely enough, synchronization continues anyway.

Luckily I remembered what to do: open preferences, find the backup for my wife’s device and delete it. Done. Now I can sync without any messages interrupting it. Strange.

Update: August 1, 2013. Same problem. Same solution.


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2013-01-23 Handyman

I replaced the lens cover on my iPhone 4!

  1. I watched this German video on YouTube.
  2. I read this encouraging German report on how to do it.
  3. I ordered some stuff from a Swiss website.

I had to order two lens covers because the minimum order is 10 CHF (about 10 USD):

iPhone 4 Kamera Halter mit Chrom Ring und Linse R1-B-030211,80 CHF
iPhone 5 / 4S / 4 Werkzeugset 5in1Tool-IP4-Rot 13,90 CHF
Zwischensumme14,54 CHF
Versandkosten0,00 CHF
!MwSt.1,16 CHF
Gesamtsumme15,70 CHF
Work, work…
Schönes Wetter, Baustellen, Graffiti
Yay! 👌 :)


Comments on 2013-01-23 Handyman

I recently needed to replace the lens cover again. And a day later it falls to the floor and the back cover shatters. Aaaaargh! Ordering one more spare lens cover and a new back cover. Luckily, this stuff is cheap.

AlexSchroeder 2013-07-18 20:14 UTC

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2010-06-21 Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the iTunes app store have changed. I need to agree to them. There’s 110 fucking pages of legal mumbo jumbo to read. I click the button to get on with the show, thinking that this can’t possibly be a contract I’m signing.



Comments on 2010-06-21 Terms and Conditions

I have only one word to say about all that iPhone crap: Jailbreakjailbreakjailbreakjailbreakjailbreak

– Marco 2010-06-22 07:11 UTC

Grrrr. New Apple terms allow them to collect and share your “precise, real-time location”.

AlexSchroeder 2010-06-22 09:54 UTC

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2009-10-14 iPhone and iPhoto Hassle

My iPhoto crashed three times in a row trying to import pictures from my iPhone. I started with 47 pictures. The third time around I said “don’t delete originals” and ended up with 7 (!) pictures in my iPhoto.

Luckily enough I found the remaining pictures in my iPhoto Library:

Alex iPhotoLibrary/Originals/Roll 208 contained the 47 files I needed. Alex iPhotoLibrary/Originals/Roll 208_2 contained 12 files. Alex iPhotoLibrary/Originals/Roll 208_3 contained 7 files.

So I copied the 47 seven files from that folder to my Desktop and dragged them back into iPhoto. It worked!

As I look around in my Library folder, I find a lot of mysterious data junk, but I’m afraid of cleaning it up. Who knows what iPhoto will need? Does anybody know how to clean up an iPhone library has been in use since 2004 and contains around 7500 images? I’m using iPhoto 6.0.6.


Comments on 2009-10-14 iPhone and iPhoto Hassle

I have iPhoto 6.0.6 on my iMac. I did a fresh install of Snow Leopard so it was a good opportunity for a clean up. I had about five thousand photos in the Library. I created a new library by launching iPhoto for the first time (in the new install) and then dragged the folders from my old library from a backup folder on an external drive. I then also copied across some folders from the new library to iPhoto v7.1.5 on my MacBook and that updated no problem. I find it useful at times to create new iPhoto Libraries by holding the option key when launching iPhoto, which also presents a choice to open any one of a number of existing Libraries.

Deane Williams 2009-10-27 11:52 UTC

Hm, good point. I should try creating a new library and then moving the photos over from the old one.

AlexSchroeder 2009-10-30 11:17 UTC

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2009-09-24 Loosing Data With Google iPhone Contact Sync

Here’s what I did:

  1. backed up my Google contacts by exporting google.csv
  2. backed up my Address Book using the menu creating Address Book - 24.09.09.abbu
  3. exported my Address Book by exporting vCards.vcf
  4. uploaded the vCards.vcf file to Gmail; 700+ contacts were uploaded, 400+ were merged
  5. I had already set up syncronization for email and calendars on my iPhone; I switched on syncronization for contacts
  6. I said it should delete existing contacts on the iPhone
  7. I said I was sure
  8. I waited for a while
  9. I looked at the Mail app on my iPhone
  10. I looked at the Contacts app on my iPhone; it looked ok
  11. I looked at the Contacts on Gmail; it looked ok

Problems I am noticing right now:

  1. any notes I had for my contacts were not part of the vCards.vcf file, were not uploaded to Gmail, and are therefore lost on the iPhone #fail
  2. some records were marked as companies in my address book; this information is also lost in Gmail (but not too important); bummer
  3. some records were not merged correctly (I now have two records for my wife, for example); I assume that’s because they did not share an email address, so I can understand it
  4. I wanted to try a three way sync so I switched on “Sync Address Book contacts” in my iPhone again – I did not quite understand what “Your contacts are being synced with Microsoft Exchange over the air. Your contacts will also sync directly with this computer.” – does that mean that the three way sync is the default?
  5. strangely enough, syncing my iPhone now claims that the photos on the phone are linked to a different folder and syncing them now would delete all images and replace them with new photos; is this a side effect or unrelated? – I verified the settings (“Sync photos from: iPhoto) and said that this is what I wanted – and it promptly started to sync the 4.5G of photos, again; #fail
  6. once the 4.5G of photos are synced (needlessly), I discover that all my contacts on the iPhone have been duplicated; apprently a three way sync between iPhone, Address Book, and Gmail is impossible (I’m using Mac OS 10.4)
  7. I decided to not sync with my Address Book, removed the “Sync Address Book contacts” check in iTunes and will keep Gmail and the iPhone in sync – email addresses and phone numbers are important; Address Book is only necessary when I use on the desktop, which I practically never do
  8. I went back to the Settings app on the iPhone, switched off Contacts sync (deleting some of the contacts), switched it on again (deleting the rest of the contacts) (and confirming it)
  9. I found some entries had “lost” their phone numbers: it turns out that numbers in the format +41786125175 are not (or no longer?) shown on the iPhone. Number in the format 078 612 51 75 are shown as expected. #fail
  10. When I added the missing info from my wife’s mobile phone to my contacts on the iPhone all contacts disappeared. The phone then reloaded them from the server. Since I have 700+ contacts it takes quite some time. For every record edited. With wifi. I fear the next edit.

I feel weird using the Microsoft Exchange Server protocol.


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2009-07-30 WebDAV for the iPhone

Many weeks ago, I got “Files lite” for the iPhone. I just wanted to look at a few PDF files while travelling. It turns out that the PDF files I was taking along were fancy and full of images so that the iPhone was barely able to scroll through them at an acceptable speed.

But the more interesting element is how you get files into your Files lite repository: it contains a fully functional WebDAV server. Thus, once it is started, I can go there using the URL http://Alex-Schroders-iPhone.local:8080/ and transfer files back and forth. I can also use the command-line client cadaver to access it.

I like it. Too bad they didn’t use the default port 80 – as it is, you cannot just wait for the iPhone to show up in your Finder Network and click on it. You really need to connect to a server and provide the URL.


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2009-01-16 SID Player for my iPhone

I don’t use my iPhone as a music player – 16G is not big enough for a simple sync and thus I continue carrying both the iPod and the iPhone around. But what to do with 16G? I needed some sort of music to play. Wouldn’t it be cool to play tracks from the HVSC on the iPhone?

This is where I stumble into the culture clash. I’m a fan of Free Software, and I’m used to the idea of downloading software for free. I work on software for free, and I expect to use software for free. At least whenever it doesn’t come preinstalled on a new machine. :)

The SID Player for the iPhone costs CHF 3.30. :(

I just can’t bring myself to pay for software, no matter how small the amount.

Even stranger: The software is GPL and source code is “available on request”. But the website [1] doesn’t list a mail address. You can find contact information on the author’s blog. [2] Mail sent.

Another thing I don’t like: I would have to download the tracks from the net whenever I wanted to play them; downloading doesn’t help. I think what I really need is a SID plugin for the player on the iPhone.

Update: Got the source code by email, no fuss. Excellent.

I then started up Xcode, and realized that I was working on a Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) but that the iPhone OS 2.2 requires the latest Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard). I think I see where this is going…

Perhaps I should just convert the SID collection into an MP3 collection (wasting enormous disk space). But at least I would have a local copy that plays on the phone…


Comments on 2009-01-16 SID Player for my iPhone

And you’ll need to be on the “iPhone Developer Program” from Apple if you want to upload compiled stuff on your phone without having hacked it. It costs US$ 99 to be part of that program…

2ni 2009-01-19 10:47 UTC

I suspect it’s only a matter of time before Rockbox comes out for the iPhone. Problem solved!

greywulf 2009-01-19 11:09 UTC

All this does is remind me how perhaps the time has finally come to replace Mac OS 10.3 with Ubuntu on my iBook laptop. :)

Maybe a project for my summer holidays, haha.

AlexSchroeder 2009-01-19 11:53 UTC

Hm… OpenBSD/macppcUbuntu 8.10.

AlexSchroeder 2009-01-21 10:35 UTC

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2009-01-02 Mobile Phone Cameras

The fight is over Alex wielding the big camera I took some pictures over the New Year with my Apple iPhone, our old Casio Exilim S2, and Claudia’s Nokia 6500s-1.

The iPhone camera was the lousiest of them all.

Once again, the SLR I have was too bulky to bring along. As we’re looking at old pictures trying to pick some for a calendar for Claudia’s mother, we find that the pictures by the big camera are, however, the best pictures we have. Argh, choices, choices.


Comments on 2009-01-02 Mobile Phone Cameras

Yep, it’s worth carrying some more weight for better shots!

2ni 2009-01-05 15:11 UTC

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2008-12-04 VoIP calls on your iPhone

What should I use?

At the moment I’m torn trying fring based on a recommendation I got. And I’m starting to feel the lack of Free Software.


Comments on 2008-12-04 VoIP calls on your iPhone

I also installed Nimbuzz and noticed far more connection problems. I understand network problems. In terms of user interface, I don’t like there to be message boxes that I have to click away for all the errors. Just flag the connections that don’t work. I also noticed a little usability bug when providing my Skype contact info. This I could not do at my desktop and I hate to do on the iPhone because I dislike the keyboard. When I try to save the info, I get an error telling me that the server is down. Again, this can happen. But I can’t save what I typed until the server is back up, apparently. Grrr. I think I’ll be sticking to fring for the moment.

AlexSchroeder 2008-12-05 15:43 UTC

Then again, I noticed that fring will connect me to AIM, show Claudia as disconnected, show her that I am connected (!), allowing her to send me messages which get lost (!!). Upon a whim I tried to send her a message even though she was disconnected and that worked. This is weird.

AlexSchroeder 2008-12-06 14:07 UTC

I am currently using fring on my Nokia E71.

It has some glitches, e.g., it’s impossible to type special characters such as ! $ % # because the keyboard mapping for the E71 seems to be buggy from time to time.

Besides that, it works better than any other IM client I’ve tried on a mobile phone before. It even allows me to call my Skype contacts as long as I am on an EDGE/3G connection (GRPS would be too laggy for VoIP).

Of course, fring wants to make money. So they recently started showing ads inside the client/conversation. Hm. I’m missing a Pidgin port for Symbian…

Jean Pierre 2008-12-07 11:26 UTC

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2008-12-03 iPhone Booting

At work we got an iPhone as a Christmas present. Things I noticed:

  1. Apple expects us to get the phone including a SIM card; it took me a while to figure out how to move my SIM card over.
  2. It takes a long time to boot.
  3. When the phone is switched off, phone calls are not redirected to my mailbox, apparently. Instead, I get a message saying that I’m “currently unreachable”. Grrrr.
  4. It’s tricky to write text on the iPhone. I wonder if it will measure up to my Nokia 6300.
  5. Without the anti-spam rules of my local Outlook installation at work reading my work mail is a chore. There’s so much spam it’s unbelievable.
  6. Google mail just works.
  7. The phone has 16G of RAM. Not enough for either music or photo collection. What should I use it for?

More to follow, I’m sure.

Today I also realized that the user interface to audiobooks on the iPod is worse than for music tracks. I’m experimenting with the metadata to figure out what the bare minimum is such that tracks play in the right order. Apparently I cannot rely on track name or artists. That leads to the braindead repeating of artist and book name within the track


Comments on 2008-12-03 iPhone Booting

I was chatting with Noufal just now:

Right now I’m enjoying it as an extremely portable multiprotocol chat client, mail reader, and web browser including well defined user interfaces for some services like bloglines, gmail, google earth, Swiss public transport, Swiss phone book, etc. It also features a crappy keyboard and is super locked down. :)

AlexSchroeder 2008-12-04 15:23 UTC

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